Yes! We are all right!

OK….ok……  Yes!  We are alllllright!  Geez, Mom!  Ha ha…remember that?  Thank you to all of you who are so concerned about us, including Mom.  We are having a great time.

We haven’t filed any photos yet so therefore I can’t post any but…..we will!  We are having fun but miss you all.  Full day birding tomorrow, no guide.  Lovin’ the new Jeep Wrangler.  Later Gators

Lotta, Oly and the Pest

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2 Responses to Yes! We are all right!

  1. Oly says:

    Hi Nancy,
    We’ve been in SE Az for about a month for the spring migration. Added 30 or so new birds to our camera. Traveling in our Winnibago doesn’t leave me enough time to blog about what we are doing but when we get our feet back on the ground we will have a lot to share. Debbie’s hips have been slowing her down so we’ll do something about that when we get back to Oregon.
    We miss Baja (me more then Debbie) but we’re going back in Oct. or so. Your life is full of good things and I’m glad for you.
    Take care, Chris

  2. NancyO says:

    I haven’t commented yet to your AWESOME photos from San Blas. Absolutely amazing. I was there about 15 years ago, before my interest in photography and birds, oh well:( I am glad you are doing well. Where are you and what are you doing?
    Things here are good. It’s been a year and 2 months since I’ve been to Baja and I am missing it terribly. Hopefully I can get there in November. Right now my focus is my sisters wedding. I’m a florist and am doing her flowers. The wedding is May 10th so I’m looking forward to having a real gem of a man for my new brother in law and doing spectacular flowers for the wedding. After that hopefully a summer of making money and then getting to Baja. My boyfriend is doing some gold mining in Colorado starting next month. If he does get on some gold and if things go well in the flower business maybe I can get away and find some gold too which is what I really love doing.
    Really glad to know your doing well. You are an inspiration. Love the posts from you and Oly both.

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