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With the Reddish Egret, it all starts like this- – Chris Llewellyn's "Birds Eye Views"

With the Reddish Egret, it all starts like this-

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Reddish Egret



Reddish Egrets are one our less-common Egrets. I know I’ve posted a little about these birds before but I just had to share some action photos with you that Debbie took yesterday at the estero.  We’re gonna’ have to go back there soon.  We saw a flock of birds there that we have never seen in Baja before.  These birds stayed too far away for good photos so be sure to check in another day and you’ll see what they are.

Back to the Egrets.  This is an immature bird.  Breeding adults have long shaggy beards and manes and are a sight to see in themselves.  They are mostly seen on salt pans on the southern coasts where they chase their prey around running on long legs flapping their wings.

The chase is on.                                                       Nowhere to hide.
















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