What a great Christmas present!

We got another lifer, the Cassin’s verio, and at the same time enjoyed the weather and surrounding beauty of Southern Baja.  I find a little cover to shoot behind and become frozen, waiting for some action.  In a bit, I look over and see my thoughtful husband on the dune between the Sea and the lagoon, Baja hills in the background which brings a slow smile to my face.  I snap the photo above.  I love to watch Chris.  He’s like a little kid with his hand in the cookie jar when we “chase” all the beautiful birds we see here in Baja California Sur, Mexico.  I get such a fuzzy feeling when I see him enjoying birding so much.

Another highlight of my day was sitting at the calm waters’ edge, gentle north winds blowing in my face, lagoon foliage line at my back, listening to the sounds of the low flying birds as they come into the lagoon just over the foliage line.  They could not see me, I could not see them  I could hear the sound of heavy wings and gutteral chatter from the Great blue heron and the Great egret as they glided right over me.  It was at that time that I learned to distinguish their calls, the heron’s call being a little lower pitched and guttural than the egret’s.

Blue sky, light winds, 70 degrees, quiet with the exception of the sounds from the visiting birds in the lagoon and the Sea of Cortez crashing in the background and me… looking up into the bellies of the magnificent birds we see here in Baja California Sur, Mexico.  Yes, was a great birding day indeed.  What a great Christmas present.  I hope your Christmas presents are as rewarding as mine.  Merry Christmas everyone.

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