Went birding up a little arroyo in Baja California Sur today.


We watched birds and birds we see watched us.  1st photo is an Ash-throated Flycatcher. This is a common bird here in Baja.  It has a call that sounds something like a coach’s whistle blowing.



I suppose this bird was just hoping we’ed keel over in the desert sun.  This handsome(everyone has a mother) bird is an adult Turkey Vulture.  These birds soar in the sky often with wings held in a “V” shape; rocking from side to side  seldom flapping their wings.



This little guy is a California Towhee.  We interrupted it’s bath and you can see the look we got.  It’s call is a metallic chink along with some thin, lispy notes often heard as a duet.

These and about 80 other birds are featured in our book, “Birds We See” inBaja California Sur, Mexico.  Cheers




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