We did it! Baja’s “Big 6”.

Baja has it’s own “Big 6” when referring to birds.  Just a day ago, Debbie and I completed our mission to photograph all 6 birds endemic to Baja Sur. After stopping while driving up the San Antonio road, using my iPod, I tried calling a certain bird we’ve been trying to shoot for forever.  This time, like never before, it actually flew to us and landed on a small tree nearby.  No good!  We’re facing right into the sun!  Debbie, the birding pro she is, whistled like an owl which kept the bird close as it flew across the road into good light.  It kept looking away so I meowed like a kitten and it gave me this look! #1 on our list…The Cape Pygmy Owl.

Cape Pygmy Owl

Cape Pygmy Owl




















#2 is a bird very few people ever see, mostly because the only place in the world it lives is high up in the Sierra de Laguna Mts.  Debbie wasn’t up for the hike at the time I had to go to get this bird, but with the help of my friend, Luis, I got him.  Here’s it’s picture, The Baird’s Junco…

Baird's Junco

Baird’s Junco

The next bird on the list was a little easier to capture.  Always a joy to hear singing and watching looking for things to eat around the casa. With little teepees on it’s chest, #3, The Gray Thrasher…

Gray Thrasher

Gray Thrasher

A bird we photographed that was forced down from higher elevations during a drought a few years ago makes the # 4 spot on our list of endemic birds of Baja, The San Lucas Robin…

San Lucas Robin

San Lucas Robin

The bird that helps define the absolute beauty of Baja California Sur, Mexico.  At #5…The Xantus’s Hummingbird.

Xantus's Hummingbird

Xantus’s Hummingbird

Sadly, the last bird to make our list complete is one that may not be around for long.  At least we have photos to prove that we actually lived to see it before it becomes extinct. Developing wetlands, like new marinas, has left this bird with only a few recognized hectors of habitat to live on.  #6, The Beldings Yellowthroat…

Belding's Yellowthroat

Belding’s Yellowthroat

Now, after completing this photographic journey to shoot all the endemics of Baja Sur, I have to wonder whats’ next?  ” Whats’ next ” is whatever happens the next time Debbie and I pick up our cameras.  Always something new to shoot.  “til next time, Happy Birding from Chris and Debbie.




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  1. sheilacabopulmo says:

    Congratulations! Wonderful photos!

  2. Tony Phipps says:

    How wonderful to see all “big 6” together. We can’t wait to get down there next week to see you guys again. Tony & Betsy

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