Wanna go for a walk?


Morning! Fresh ground coffee on the terrace overlooking the calm Sea of Cortez and watching the beautiful sunrise. Is this heaven?

What’s on the agenda today miel? Kayaking? Fishing? Birding? Swimming? After several minutes of discussion and watching the weather….guess which option is taken? Right..birding! Perhaps a little swimming and badminton this afternoon.

We set out on foot today, heading north where the steep cliffs meet the tranquil Sea of Cortez. We are in search of water birds, so we are looking to the southeast. We are above the sea, thirty or forty meters in some places. I’m spotter today so I have the Licas. Chris has the Canon 100-400. We stop just outside the gate to knock termite tunnels off the outside of our walls… pesky little things they are, even on concrete! Looks like mud lines on our cooling green paint and that’s exactly what it is! With termites inside! Isn’t that something?

On down the road, un medio kilómetro mas o menos, I spot our first subject. Ohhhh…he’s so pretty! WOW! What a shot….get him…it’s a great shot! Get him!  Now!  And guess what….Chris got him good. The Red-tailed hawk. You can sure see his red tail in this shot!


Fifty photos later, are you ready to move on?  Yeah..ok…let’s go.  It’s really hard for me to leave such magnificent beauty but we have the shorebirds to check out!  Off we go….oh look!  A Says phoebe!  He was a real pretty one (aren’t they all?) but he didn’t stick around long enough for us to get his photo.

What are those birds in the water down there?  I pull up the Licas about the same time Chris says, “grebe”.  Yep, it’s a grebe.  Too far away for a shot tho.  Maybe later.  Look up there…what’s that?  Ah, it’s the pretty little Verdin.  You can almost always here them before you see them.  They are very busy and make a fast chirping sound.  Almost seems as if they really want you to know they are around.




Ok…next?  Is that Mockingbird posing for you?  I think he is!  Click…click click click..click.

On down the winding dusty road, well miel, how much further do you want to go?  He wants to go on down to where there’s a path to the beach and perch ourselves near the waterline.  After all, we are in search of water birds today!  Ok…on down we go and perch on a pile of rocks.  Hmmm…funny…seems as tho this is getting more uncomfortable in my mid age!  Soon enough tho, you forget about comfort and look around you…such awesome scenery we have here in Baja California Sur.  Bait fish jumping high above the water trying to escape the mouths of the Skipjacks chasing them.  Crabs a plenty crawling over the rocks.  Fishermen putting slowly by and …. and….  what are those?!  It’s the grebes!  Eared grebes to be exact!  We sit quietly while they paddle slowly towards us.  We sneak a move or two when they dive.  Closer…closer….closer…can you get them?  Yep.  Maybe just an ID photo but, we got them!  We didn’t have them in our Baja Collection yet but guess what…we do now!

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