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Wading birds we see in Baja – Chris Llewellyn's "Birds Eye Views"

Wading birds we see in Baja


The weather is looking stormy today so I thought I’d pull up some photos of estuary birds to take a look at.  We all know  the golden slippers and dark beaks of the Snowy Egret sets it apart from the Great Egret, which has black legs and a yellowish bill.

Snowy Egret


Great Egret

I have wonderful memories of sitting in the sand watching and photographing Reddish Egrets as they chase baitfish all around the shallows.  Beautiful birds they are!

Reddish Egret

Black-crowned Night Herons occasionally make an appearance here.  Unlike the Reddish Egrets, they tend to forage with less enthusiasm and are often spotted sitting in trees.

Black-crowned Night Heron

What a lucky pair Debbie and I are to be able to walk or even drive a short distance to see birds like the colorful  Green Heron.

Green Heron


And Little Blue Herons.

Little Blue Heron

Plus Tri-colored Herons that, like Reddish Egrets, put on quit a show running around, chasing little fishes to feed on.

Tri-colored Heron

We’ve even seen a Yellow-crowned Night Heron once in a while.

Yellow-crowned Night Heron

Probably considered the king of Herons most people see, The Great Blue Heron is a magnificent bird.  Sooo graceful!

Great Blue Heron

Over on the mainland they are a few herons that don’t seem to be too big on Baja.  Like the Bare-throated tiger Heron, an out-standing bird we shot on one of our birding trips.

Bare-throated Tiger Heron

Just looked up and out the window to see a whale breaching.  Gotta go watch so, catch you later!  Happy Birding from Chris and Debbie………like us if you do. 


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2 Replies to “Wading birds we see in Baja”

  1. Hola Manuel, I would definitely leave the toucan as it is. It may very well be a friend to someone else as well as to your buddy. Birds often escape cages. And yes, those places you described are likely places I bird in La Rivera. Really neat estuaries and I truly hope they will stay that way for good. We (and animals) need habitat like that and it is disappearing.
    As always, thanks for the kind words, Chris

  2. Once again Chris and Debbie, outstanding pictures, their clarity is beautiful..gracias
    About 2 weeks ago I had to go to La Rivera to find some info about the Palmas development, and before I got to La Rivera I saw on my left side a water lagoon, is this the place you go for bird watching?
    And a friend of mine woke up one morning beguining of January with a gorgeous Tucán
    on his balcony of his house in Mexico City, he fed him with papaya and little by little became his friend , he put a water pot for the bird to bath and well it’s been a point of conversation between friends in Facebook, some are convincing him of trapping the tucan and send him rehabilitate and later to the forest ,
    Others say that he should keep him as and enjoy his friendship,
    What would be the best solution on your point of you, been a bird lover.
    The Tucan’s name is Jueves , he arrived that day…
    have a great day!!
    El Cuervo

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