This is one of the coolest Baja Birds.



The Green-tailed Towhee.  When all’s quiet.  Those precious times when construction stops, when nobody is racing by on the road.  When I can hear the quiet I can hear the little Towhees.  Not singing but I can hear them scratching around under the bushes.  Usually can’t see them unless I stare in the direction of the scratching for a while.  If the bird pops out of the brush for a moment I’m rewarded by the sight of this little beauty.

Green-tailed Towhee


Green-tailed Towhees are one of the smallest towhees but are also one of the largest members of the American sparrow family.  Their breeding range covers much of the interior Western U.S. but they like to spend the winters in Baja and other parts of Mexico.  The following photo was taken in the low light conditions of evening.  This makes the bird look more blue than it really is.

I really hope you have a chance to see these birds.  Just go outside when it’s quiet and listen.  Listen for something scratching under the bushes and maybe, just maybe, you’ll be rewarded.

Green-tailed Towhees do have a song that begins with weet–chuur and ends with a trill.  Their call is something like a kitten’s mew.



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