These two Baja birders have been away.


Debbie and I just spent a few days back home in Bandon this week.  I had some free time one day and noticed it was a low tide.  So I put on my snow-storm clothes (in the old days I would have worn a tee shirt) and braced to tackle the wind and sleet.  Down to the jetty I go.  When the weather is as bad as it was I figured I’d be all alone, the way I like it sometimes and I was right.

As soon as I arrive, I hear birds.  I spotted something bright orange moving around in the puddles that are tide pools.  Sure enough, a Black Oystercatcher.  Time for a shot.  That’s the bird in the first photo.

Next I see another one of my favorites, (they are all favorites for me). It’s a Marbled Godwit.  Check out this picture, it’s a dandy.

I can’t hardly believe the luck I’m having.  I hear a bird squak and turn towards the sound.  A new bird for me (and by-the-way so was the Godwit) a Whimbrel  is anouncing it’s presence and posing for me.  Holy smokes!  I raise the 100×400 and let him have it.  Look at the bill on this bird.

Then, just when I’m having a time of my life, all the birds freak out and fly away.  Man, I’ll tell you what.  If you ever have the chance to hear the racket of a bunch of mixed  shore birds taking off in a fright, don’t pass it up.  There is nothing like it .  I didn’t sneeze or anything so I new something was up.



And I was absolutely right.  I look up and see a raptor streaking by about 50 yards away.  No wonder the birds were scared off.  This bird is a Northern Harrier.

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