There was a sighting in San Jose, Baja Sur


at Flora’s Field Kitchen, by our good friends, Bill and Kay.  They said a male Vermilion Flycatcher came to visit them while they were having lunch there.

We have some so-so photos of the female (front page).  We were so excited about the news we had to go see.  This is another lifer for us.

So there we were, enjoying a delicious lunch.  We probably seemed a little strange to the other folks eating around us.  With cameras all over the dinning table we constantly scanned the bushes and trees for this bright red little bird.  Debbie says “right there!”

There is a tree 20 feet off the north dinning area.  At first, eyes-like-an-eagle me couldn’t see anything where Debbie was pointing.  I moved a little and there he was, behind a branch in the tree, the Vermillion Flycatcher.

The adult male Vermilion Flycatcher is a striking, beautiful, red and brown bird.  During mating season he flutters around singing a song that sounds like chirping followed with a trilling  pit-a-see  pit-a see.  This one was singing for us.  Adult females are grayish-brown above with a peach-colored tummy and under-tail coverts.  About 6″.

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