The wind is blowing again in Baja Sur.


Imagine that!  Everybody is looking forward to the competition to begin.  So I’m sure the wind is a great thing to have right now.  They have one of the competition buoys anchored right out in front of our casa so I guess we  will have some front-row views.

While we are waiting for the fun to begin I’m keeping an eye on the bird feeders.  I’m really hoping for a good/great shot of a female Scott’s Oriole today.  She is very camera shy.

A regular at the hummer feeders is the Orange-crowned Warbler.


There are numerous species of Warblers, about half of them found in North America.  These are really fun birds to watch at the feeders.  They constantly chirp, hang upside down and get chased away by agressive Costa’s Hummingbirds.




Orange-crowned Warblers on the Pacific side of Baja are often more yellowish in color.  Our book, “Birds We See” in Baja California Sur is a great coffee table book where you will see photos of these Warblers and 80 other birds of Baja.


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