The Gray Thrasher, a Baja Bird we see



around the backyard quite a bit.  These fine-lookin’ members of the Mimidae family, which includes Mockingbirds, are some of the finest songsters around. These birds are monomorphic so I really can’t tell the guys from the gals by appearance.

I’ve had people tell me they think this bird looks pretty drab.  Well, just take the time to look a little closer.  Look at this face.  Beautiful, smooth, decurved bill.  Golden-yellow eyes a king would die for.

Then check out this body.  Sleek, gray/brown back and wings poised like a runway model.

Gray Thrasher


And a pure white throat adorned with a necklace of dark chocolate teepees flowing down and spreading over the tummy.

Gray Thrasher

Like the Northern MockingbirdGray Thrashers often mimic the songs other birds.  They are noted as singers unequaled in North America for the rich variety and volume of their songs.  These birds are endemic to Baja so we can call them our own.

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