Take it easy on you


I’m sure that this blogging and posting website stuff is going to need continuous updating.  We will continue to try to take it easy on you, the subscriber.  We have recently added a feature that will automatically (I hope) send you an email when we have a new post on our site.

We have had several requests to keep people updated with new sightings so we figured this is the best way to do it.  We would encourage any of you to click on “New Topic” and create your post if you indeed have a new bird sighting, or if you would like to ask a question or just post a comment, whatever you would like to do.  Our FAQ’s page will help if you have questions on how to register, make a post, yeah…those kinds of things.  You may also want to check your settings you have enabled on your “Profile”.

And an important note, please let me know if you see any of the birds on my 2012 Wish List!  Thanks everyone for your patience.  We hope you will come visit often and start posting away!

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