Sun and sea birds, on Baja Sur’s coast.



The winds have died down, sounds like for a few days.  Debbie and I decided to take a long walk along the coast road and see what we could see.

The sun was all wrong for bird shots but we just made the best of it.  We find a rock with Brown Pelicans resting.  As you can see in the photo below, there were adult birds with white necks and heads washed with yellow.  There were also some young birds that were brown in color.  Brown Pelicans take about three years before they reach their adult colors.


Looking out to sea against the sun we saw a bunch of diving birds swimming closely together.  They would all dive at once only to reappear at the surface all at once again.  Thin, slightly upturned beaks; kind of pointy heads and thin necks.  The classic GISS (general impression, size and shape) of Grebes.  These are Eared Grebes (photos taken into the sun, sorry).  Winter plumage of these birds is nothing to write home about but their breading head dress is beautiful.  Adults have a golden “ear” fanning out behind their eyes.  WOW!  Grebes do not have webbed feet but they do have lobed toes that aid in propulsion under water.

And lastly, we found a young looking Brandt’s Cormorant.  We most commonly may see either Double-crested Cormorants  or Brandt’s Cormorants in this area of Baja Sur.  A distinguishing feature is the Brandt’s Cormorant’s buffy chin (which turns blue in breeding adults).  These birds are common and gregarious often feeding in large flocks and nest in colonies.

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