Someone stopped by for a snack in our yard yesterday.


This is a Zone-tailed Hawk.  We know this bird as a Buteo.  Buteos are high-soaring hawks(as compared to Accipiters, woodland hawks) which makes them easy to spot in the daytime.  They often fly with their wings in a V shape (dihedral).



Zone-tailed Hawks are often seen soaring with or nearby Turkey Vultures.  As we know, Turkey Vultures are carrion feeders.  With the exception of the smaller size and banded tail, looking up from the ground, Zone -tails look very much like a vulture.  This mimic will fool prey, such as lizards, small rodents or birds into a sense of security until it’s too late.  This uncommon hawk is often found near water and will also prey on small fish.  Wing span: about 46″

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