Some reminders about Baja Bird disease.


Today I’m going to show  some photos of diseased birds.  It isn’t pretty so skip over the unpleasant photos if you want to.

Gila Woodpeckers should look like this one pictured to the left and not like the one in the shot below, right.




House Finches should look like this-



And not like this-





I’m not a bird doctor or anything like that.  After contacting Cornel University of Ornithology about the sick birds in these photos their response was “It’s hard to say without testing, but it does not look like mycoplasma conjunctivitis to me. With that disease, there is usually more wetness and redness around the eye. This eye seems more dry and scaly. Nevertheless, the ailment may well be contagious, so cleaning the feeders thoroughly is highly recommended.”  In other words, they can’t tell what these diseases are without testing.  So….

Please keep your feeders clean.

Many birds gather around our feeders.  Some avian diseases are very contagious so lets do our best to keep the feeders sanitary.  Vinegar and arguably a little dish soap works for us. Rinse well before re-filling the hummer feeders.  If you feed the birds fruit, keep it fresh.

Okay, now for some fun stuff.

These Xantus’s Hummingbirds were posing for us around the feeders.

And this male Costa’s Hummingbird is really showing off for the ladies.  This little guy is quite the stud!

Happy Birding and please remember, let’s keep it clean.

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