Remembering Valentine’s Day with Baja Birds.


This is such a fun time of year.  A day set aside to focus on your sweetheart.  Being an avid birder, my life is full of beauty.  Every day starts off with a cup of coffee, watching the sun rise with my beautiful wife, Debbie.  There is almost always a decision to make in the morning.  Do we go to the lagoon today and photograph estuary birds like the Great Egret?

Great Egret

See the sun reflecting off the water on the bird in this photo?

Or maybe we should quad up the arroyo and see some desert dwellers doing what they do.  This bird is a member of the cuckoo family, the Greater Roadrunner.  A beautiful, speedy, ground dwelling symbol of the open habitat we have all around us here in Baja Sur.

Greater Roadrunner

Then theres’ birds  that find a little niche in a micro habitat they can almost call their own.  Like the Black-throated Sparrow.  These pretty little birds with the melodic voices live in harsh conditions.  Dry, hot areas in the desert that one might think “nothing could live there”.  They can do this by having the ability to go for days without the need for standing water to drink.

Black-throated Sparrow

You know, it’s cold out today.  Almost looks looks rain.  A good day to hang around the house.   Maybe the right time (it always is) to see what moms up to and give her a hug.  A good day to give Debbie an extra kiss.  Chica the pest (kitty) is acting all warm and fuzzy today.

Happy Valentine’s day



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