One Of Our Favorite Baja Birding Areas


We went birding at the lagoons today. Sorry, no photos from this chick….(no pun intended)!  It was our first time back since my bobcat incident a couple of months ago. I summoned up the courage to go back to the point of eye contact with the beautiful creature that put my heart in my throat. Well…..almost to the point.  Close enough.

I found myself continuously looking over my shoulder.  Instead of looking for birds, I was looking for bobcat. I was listening for bobcat sounds instead of sounds of the birds we see in Baja.  Now, I doubt very seriously if I would hear a bobcat stalking me but I was still looking and listening. So much so that I did not even fire off a shot.  Gotta get over it!


Water levels in the lagoons are way down.  Speaking with one local who was born and raised in La Rivera and in his late 30’s, he said he is seeing the lagoons water level drop continuously.  His father, also born and raised in La Rivera is in his mid 60’s and never saw the levels go down until recently.  I have heard reports that Baja is in its worst drought in the last 72 years.

There is evidence of careless and or uncaring humans all over the lagoons.   I didn’t take a photo because I like pretty things, like the male varied bunting.  You get the picture.  I’m going to ask our local rotary club if they would like to organize work parties to help keep the area clean.   They so kindly asked what they could do to help the wildlife when Chris gave his successful book, Birds We See in Baja California Sur, Mexico presentation last winter.   We now see a cause for concern. Speaking of our local rotary chapter, they work tirelessly for the  betterment of local families and the wonderful community in which we live here in Los Barriles and the surrounding areas. I’m amazed at what they accomplish.   Thank you Rotary Club of Los Barriles Cabo Este!


There is no longer an opportunity for capturing the sounds of silence, wildlife and the seashore here at the lagoons. I’m afraid it may be gone forever.  Sounds of heavy equipment roars steadily as construction of a very large development  continues to the south.  Not so long ago, this was a peaceful environment abundant with wildlife.  I feel it slipping away.


I remain hopeful that the developers will take responsibility to help restore and maintain the lagoons to their natural state of beauty and wildlife habitat. Just think how it would enhance sales if they featured a natural wildlife reserve right next to their resort.


Stopped at restaurant Mariscos La Costa for lunch in La Rivera after my not so great birding day (Chris had a great one….go figure).   I had the Shrimp Diabla in chipotle cream sauce and Chris had chicken tacos.  Both were superb.  Being the foodie I am, I asked for the recipe for the shrimp diabla and indeed, after a lot of hand motions, demos and Spanglish, I  came away with it.  This day of birding that wasn’t, instead turned into a superb pleasing of the palate.  I rate both of these activities very high.


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