Odile Update #2


Storm Update

September 16, 2014

Cabo San Lucas took a direct hit from Hurricane Odile which swept ashore as a category 3 125 mph wallop.

Because windows were blowing out, resorts walked tourists into basement maintenance areas and into stairwells.

Numerous utility poles were blown down, officials estimate it will be weeks before all barrios have full electric power again.

There was widespread looting of stores, mostly Oxxos, which lost most of their windows. Sailors from our navy base tried to stop it, but they were outnumbered. Most of them were helping to evacuate the low lying neighborhoods, driving those without cars to shelters, trying to talk homeowners fearful of their homes being looted in their absence, into getting into the government trucks.

If you have not heard from friends and family who you know are down there, it is probably not that they’ve been injured, more likely their cell phone batteries are now dead and there is no place to charge them.

There have been about 135 injuries, mostly cuts from flying glass. There are no official reports of any deaths.

Los Cabos International Airport was left heavily damaged and is expected to remain closed for at least a week.

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