Odile #6

Courtesy Ventana View:

A bit more hurricane info…. a La Paz radio interview .. a calmer voice:





Courtesy of the Gringo Gazette:  September 17, 2014  (Thx to Pony Express)

  • President Peña Nieto is in La Paz with his cabinet.
  • The road to La Paz is passable but it’s down to one lane.
  • Food is running out fast, most of the stores have been looted.
  • The mexican government started to airlift the more than 30,000 stranded tourists from Cabo to Tijuana, Mazatlan, Guadalajara and Mexico City in government and commercial airplanes free of charge since yesterday.
  • The Cabo airport is not working with the exception of government flights.
  • La Paz airport is working, some tourists are driving up to La Paz to take a plane.
  • David Flores, our editor in Cabo has counted 75 Electric Poles that are down on the ground, he says the real number could be more than double that.
  • There are 200 CFE trucks on their way to Cabo from mainland Mexico and northern Baja
  • The mexican government and different associations are flying in food to La Paz, the government will be distributing the food.
  • There is only one single OXXO in Cabo that hasn’t been looted.
  • There is a collpased bridge south of Los Barriles so nobody can get to San Jose from Los Barriles.
  • You probably won’t hear from your loved ones in Cabo or La Paz until the power grid is restored, this doesn’t mean something bad happened to them, there is just no communication.


The main storm surge came at night and after power went out, so nothing much to see during that dark and stormy night.  The bridge at Cuaduaña is said to have collapsed (haven’t seen that yet) but the road to La Paz is supposedly open now.  There were lots of rocks and such past the BA bridge on the hillside going up to the over look of the San Bartolo arroyo but the lane opposite the hill was clear and most of that debris is now moved.  Santa Cruz was passable today into La Ribera, but the beach road lost about 12 feet just past the entrance to the marina.

     nternet was out for 30+ hours or so after Odile headed north and cut the fiber optic lines around Mulege, but seems to have returned now along with long distance calling. Tuesday only had local land line calls.

     Cell service still seems to be mostly gone as of now. If you need to make a call from the states, call someone you know with a land line number as those seem to be working now.  Or email, but people will need generator power to get the latter.

The San Bartolo Arroyo

BA Arroyo 1

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