Many of the Birds We See in Baja


also occur  in different areas we visit at different times of the year and are in different stages of development at that time.

This is the Lazuli Bunting.  We see these little beauties every once-in-a-while in non-breeding plumage while they are in Baja.  Baja Sur is part of their winter and migration range.  Lazuli Buntings add a welcome splash of color for us to enjoy.  5-6″.

So imagine our surprise when, one morning, I look outside through our Bandon home’s living-room window  to see a Lazuli Bunting near our bird feeder.  We are on the edge of their breeding range here on the Oregon Coast.  I have lived here nearly 35 years and never saw one before other than in Baja.  Looks like this bird is all decked out for the honeymoon.

Lazuli Bunting

Although I have never seen the next bird in Baja Sur, sources tell me they do winter there.  I’ve been hoping to get a photo of this sparrow for a long time.  Well, this has been a very good year for many birds (good numbers) and I did get a chance to see and shoot the Lincoln’s Sparrow at Redmond’s Pond in Bandon.  That’s down by the jetty. Like the Lazuli Bunting, saw the bird once, shot before asking any questions, never saw either of them again.  Sometimes I’m just plain lucky!  Notice the buffy Malar and chest.

Lincoln’s Sparrow

Yes, I am bouncing around a lot between Bandon and Baja.  Both places are fantastic birding areas and have much to offer.  Right now I’m looking out over our pond.  I see Cedar Waxwings, Black-headed Grosbeaks, American goldfinches,Black Phoebes, Purple Finches, Wood Ducks, what else?…Oh, Red Breasted Nuthatches, Black-capped and Chestnut-sided Chickadees, Western Tanagers, ..Oh, and there’s a Hairy Woodpecker and a……………………….!

Okay Chica, I get it.


Oly’s side note…Both the Lazuli Bunting and Lincoln’s Sparrow photos were featured in The Audubon’s Quarterly for our area of the Oregon Coast.  Happy birding!

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