Looks like a little bird brawl brewing in Baja Sur.


Debbie and I have a few bird feeders placed off the south patio kinda out of the wind.  We have a little water station, a couple of platform feeders and hummer feeders.  We also have an area free of plants where we can throw bird seed on the ground.  Sunflower seeds and bird scratch work well.  Sometimes we’ll split an orange and stick it on a sharp tree-branch.  Many birds really, really like the oranges, especially Orioles.  Hooded Orioles are fun and entertaining characters to watch.  It’s easy to assign human attributes to their comical actions.  So, this gorgeous lady is what all the fuss is about.

Hooded Oriole


It’s getting all springy around here and the male Hooded Orioles are starting to strut their stuff.

Hooded Oriole

They’re bouncing all around in the bushes and on the branches chipping sounds something like a rattle snake.  With beaks pointed to the sky I’m sure this is a posture of challenge to the other guys hanging around.  And she’s watching.

Here it goes!  The two guys get in a big ole rassle.  And she’s still watching.  Looks to me like she’s cheering them on.


Oh well, after it’s all over, the boys are minus a few feathers and one is clinging to a slightly bruised ego so they move on.  One of them anyway.

You can have her!




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