L.B.Js. No, not the president just “little brown jobs”.


I’ve always noticed that I’m kind of “alone in a crowd” when it comes to enjoying sparrows.  Like the times when I’m driving in the car with someone (other than Debbie) and point out a “little brown job” off on the side of the road.

Black-throated Sparrow

Whomever is looking where I’m pointing is at first, a little disappointed.  I’m sure they’re hoping to see an eagle or something like that but no, it’s a sparrow.  In this case, a Blackthroated Sparrow.  Just look a little closer and anyone can see the special features of these little guys.  They have black lores (the area between the bill and the eyes) and a triangle black patch on their throat.  They also have a distinguishing white eyebrow and submoustachial stripe on a dark head.  Their song is a clear, high-pitched two notes followed by a rapid trill.  Beautiful!

And then there’s the Lark Sparrow.  These little birds have a face that looks to me like someone painted it for a carnival.

Lark Sparrow

Unlike the Black-throated Sparrow which hops from low-lying bush-to-bush and bush-to-ground to feed, the Lark Sparrow has long legs and mostly runs, instead of hops, along the ground.

Lastly for now we have the White-crowned Sparrow.  This is a young bird.  The brown stripes on it’s head will turn black as the bird matures.

White-crowned Sparrow

Most sparrows feed on seeds, small berries and some insects.




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