It’s a hummer of a day for Baja Birders.



The winds have died down for now.  The sea is calm and the air is warm and humid.  Many of our wintering birds are gone, off to their breeding grounds.





Some, like the Northern Cardinal, may stay here as residents.

Northern Cardinal

We still have a few Black-headed Grosbeaks at the feeders.  Maybe some of them will stay here, we’ll see.

Black-headed Grosbeak

We’re seeing fewer birds at the lagoons.  Many of them were beginning to “color up”, getting ready for the nesting season up north.  Time to go honey?  Or shall we stay?  Snowy Egrets.

Snowy Egrets

And then there’s the hummers.  Not so many around right now.  I don’t know where they all go but there are records of our endemic Xantus’s Hummingbird being spotted in South-West British Columbia.  Bad boy!

Xantus's Hummingbird

And we can’t forget this special little guy.  The Costa’s Hummingbird.  These birds have been spotted on the coast of Alaska.

Costa's Hummingbird

Sometimes Debbie and I are like these birds.  Shall we head North for the summer?  Maybe or maybe not.  If we do, we are sure to see Black-headed Grosbeaks, Say’s Phoebes, Orange-crowned Warblers and the rest of the gang around our home-on-the-other-pond.

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