Is it really pollen?


Costa's Hummingbird, female

Ever so often, we see this little girl or one very much like her flitting around.  Now, you may ask…what kind of hummingbird is this bird we see in our Baja backyards?  We mostly only have two hummingbirds in Baja, the Costa’s and the endemic Xantus’s.  Neither one looks like this one.  So…what is it?  What hummingbird has yellow feathers on top of its head?

Now, I’ve surmised for quite some time that this is pollen on her head but….if it is, why do we never see the yellow pollen on the heads of male Costa’s hummingbirds?  Or, even the Xantus’s male or female for that matter?  Why oh why do we only see this on the female Costa’s humming bird?  Does anyone out there have an answer?  Is it really pollen?

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