In Baja Sur we are fortunate to have many different shorebirds.


This bird is a Black-bellied Plover.  We see these birds as we stroll along the beaches or lagoons of  The East Cape.  They are such speedy little shorebirds.  We watch them dart across the sand, stop, then take off running again.

These birds nest on the Arctic Tundra.  That’s why we don’t see the males in their black and white breeding plumage here in Baja (I haven’t).  Wintering birds have grayish coloring with streaked underparts.  Note the light supercilium ( I call the eyebrow line).  These 11″ birds seem to tease us as we try to photograph them.  Just when we’re close enough for a good shot they run (sometimes fly) 30 feet further down the beach, stop and look back at us like they are urging us on.



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