I think she’s pretty, the female House Finch.


It seems like often when I’m talking birds to someone it’s “oh the males are so pretty and colorful”.  More colorful maybe.  After all, he has to “catch the girl” and draw predators away from the nest with his striking colors.


I guess the female House Finch can look a little drab.

Female House Finch

But she does have the selfless job of sitting on the nest, keeping the eggs and chicks at the the right temperature and watching for danger.  Cats, Common Ravens, snakes, Shrikes and Jays are just a few of the predators she has to watch out for.




Female House Finch nesting in abandoned Hooded Oriole's nest

This Finch is using an abandoned Hooded Oriole’s nest to lay her eggs in.  She has probably lined this nest with soft material like maybe threads from the towels hanging on your clothes line.


Male House Finches feed momma while she’s on the nest and also help feed the young.   After the chicks can fly, we see them following papa around chirping and shaking their wings begging for a meal.

Male House Finch feeding baby

House Finches are omnivorous.  They will feed on pesky insects and weed seeds.  Residents of  Western  America, caged birds were released in the East where they are becoming a common sight. 5-6″

I think this female House Finch is a very lovely lady.

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