Here’s looking at you in Baja California, Sur.

Looking thru some recent photos this morning I couldn’t help but notice the different looks birds give us.

This White-crowned Sparrow is just sitting there looking kinda cute almost like a kitten.  White-crowned Sparrows are one of our more common types of birds in the Sparrow family.  There are several “races” spread out over much of North America.  Their song is a single, thin note follow by a whistling trill.




This Northern Cardinal is giving me a pretty mean look like “don’t mess with me”!  Northern Cardinals are finches that are considered non-migratory.  We missed the sights and sounds of these birds (sounds like cheer cheer cheer, purdy purdy purdy) for a few years after hurricane John damaged their population here in Los Barriles.



Then there’s the always photogenic White-winged Dove.   By the looks of the crop (some say craw), of this bird I think it has had plenty to eat for now.

And lastly, this Pyrrhuloxia has a look maybe you can describe for yourself.  These birds have a stronger, more curved bill when compared to the Northern Cardinal.  Pyrrhuloxias are primarily seed eaters. 8-9″








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