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Hi everyone.  Thanks for all your support.   I’m doing very well today so….  I will make a post!  I’ve been very excited to share with you some of our moments in Malhuer NWR.  It was a weeks long great hunt.  And…we’ll throw a great big thank you to the Narrows RV Park while we are at it.  We really enjoyed our stay…..

in our Kittybago.  Kitty was happy too.  So…we were all happy!  It took us about a day and a half to pack up the Kbago and head out.  Something we’ve had on our list for a while.  The amazing thing is ….   I …. don’t believe we didn’t forget anything!  Well….anything real important anyway.

Guess you are waiting for me to get to the photos….aren’t you??  Hmmmm???  OK….now I’m working.  LOL    So glad you tuned in to what we like to do.
I’m going to keep “my birds” in a folder that is viewed in date order.  But….it didn’t turn out that way in the post!

Orange Crowned Warbler



Here we go..do you think that this Orange Crowned Warbler is one of our Baja Birds?   Hmmm???  Did you see him last winter?  Sorry, best shot we got of the pretty little thing.  We’ll go right along with more photos……





Mountain Bluebird

I think if you click on the photo of the Mountain Bluebird here, it will enlarge to full size.

Another thing that I think! I’ve added to this site is a comment section right under our original post.  This option was just enabled so feel free to use it if you are so inclined.  We do welcome personal emails also but wouldn’t it be fun to see who’s commenting anyway?  I might even get a birding club organized one of these days…you just may never know.

Boy, I’ve done several other things while writing this post so am a little confused at this point.   Can you relate?  Anyway….I think I have all the photos loaded now and ready to insert in the post….we’ll see.  Couldn’t get outta the Kbago fast enough to shoot the Mountain Bluebird.  You know me, I like color!


Sandhill Cranes

And more Sandhill Cranes….that’s what I’ll be saying soon…  Aren’t they gorges?  We didn’t get any super great photos.  Dark skies and too far of a distance for our Canon 100-400’s to really pick up what the subject was clearly.  I know there’s a way to fix that…there must be but….I haven’t found it yet.

The Sandhill Cranes were most likely the highlight of my adventure to Malheur National Wildlife Reserve.  Although….being with Chris and kitty (I’d better use that order!) in a small snug little place was quite delightful.

And the White Pelicans.  It really was very magical.  Everyone at the Malheur National Wildlife Reserve Headquarters could feel it.  It was awesome.



Anyway….enough “work” for you today!  Hope you all enjoy.  And…thanks again for all your support.  It’s great and we couldn’t do it without you.  We’ll see some of you real soon hopefully.


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