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Chris and Debbie are here for more Baja birds! – Chris Llewellyn's "Birds Eye Views"

Chris and Debbie are here for more Baja birds!

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These Baja birders just got back from a 3 month, 8,000 mile RV trip birding the Western U.S.  That was great fun, adding 59 new birds to our photo-list, but now it’s that time of year to focus on our birding adventures in Baja Sur.

As soon as we arrived at our casa, I started cleaning and setting out our bird feeders.  From what I can see in our yard, birds are everywhere!  It really pleases me to see that the population is looking so healthy.  A Ladder-backed Woodpecker squeaks as he watches me set out the hummer-feeders.

After the poor numbers of birds we were seeing the past 3 or 4 years, it’s great to see all the birds that we used to see in our yard are back.  Even before the hummers show up, a Verdin comes by for a drink.  This bird has not molted to adult plumage yet.

The orioles are here as well, both Scott’s and Hooded.

Another one of my little buddies (my son thinks I’m weird to call birds “little buddies”) comes flitting around the Tuli-pan tree looking for a treat.  Busy-as-a-bee, an Orange-crowned Warbler checks things out.

There’s even a Gila Woodpecker at the feeder already!  Gilas are expert at cracking open sun flower seeds all the time squawking with pleasure.

Ah-ha, the hummers are showing up.  Wow!  4 or 5 Costa’s and 3 or 4 Xantus’s (at least).

Okay, sorry but thats all for now.  Gotta’ go put out all the little “fires” that start when we are away.  Bye for not,  Happy Birding from Chris and Debbie!  Don’t forget to “like” us.


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