Bountiful Baja Birding

Debbie crawling a Baja lagoon

Funny when you are a birder.  Some days can be uneventful and even downright defeating when you are all set to capture that “great shot” of a beautiful Baja bird and you come away with nothing.  Other days, you can’t shoot fast enough and you have birds coming at you from all directions, almost as tho they are competing to be the one displayed in the center of your camera lens.  Those are the “no bad days” of Baja birding.

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We went back to the lagoons the other day.  Chris was bound and determined to capture a better shot of the snowy plover and I was bound and determined to help him!  Of course, I wanted to see what else we could capture with our trusty Canon lenses and cameras too.  I was crawling around in the sand while Chris was stalking the snowy plover over the three lagoons.

I hope I am successful in relaying to you what a peaceful experience Baja birding is.  Sometimes I get lost in the sights and sounds and sometimes I come away with so many questions it makes my head spin.

There is nothing like lying as still as possible beside a calming lagoon with your elbows dug in the sand propping for your camera, the tranquil Sea of Cortez lapping at the shore just over the fore dune, the Sierra de la Laguna creating the backdrop over the slightly swaying palm trees and many species of Baja birds flying over you seemingly oblivious to your intrusion of their space.  Does it get better?

Now, I will share with you my shots of the day, beginning with my sandy perch Baja birds.

Semipalmated Plover


Snowy Plover


Black Necked Stilt


Least Sandpiper

Snowy Egret

Getting up out of my sand everywhere pose, I’m thinking that I didn’t really capture much.  You just never know until you look at your photos on your computer to see what you have and if they are in focus.  Only then…I’m pretty satisfied with what I captured above.

I see Chris over near the car so I’m thinking he is probably ready to head out.  After all, the suns getting pretty warm and shooting conditions are deteriorating.  I start heading for Chris and the car but….wait a minute!  Check this out!


Look closely for the head and eye in the center of the above photo.  Can you see it?  I love this shot!


However, the Osprey came away empty, this time.  But…


Not this time!  The Osprey snags a Trumpetfish.



Osprey with Trumpetfish

Ah yes…another great Baja birding day.  I don’t know who’s happier, the Osprey or Debbie?  Let’s go honey bunny.


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