Birding Winnebago style.

In October(2011) we ventured to some western states in our Winnebago. Debbie calls the coach the Kittybago. The deciding reason to buy the RV was to enable Chica(kitty) to come along with us birding,(or us to come along with her).Following are Photos of some of the features at Zion National Park, Utah.



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9 Responses to Birding Winnebago style.

  1. LottaTidbits says:

    Diego can hold his own.

  2. LottaTidbits says:

    Did Chica tell you where we were going to go?

  3. LottaTidbits says:

    She would probably like to do that since Diego is such a nice guy.

  4. Marinero says:

    If Chica could only teach those skills to Diego…

  5. LottaTidbits says:

    LOL She forgot to tell me but we’ll see what we can work out.

  6. sharbythesea says:

    Love the pictures….wanted to remind you, as you probably “forgot” that Chica asked me to go with her on the next ‘kittybago” trip….

  7. LottaTidbits says:

    That’s why she’s an indoor cat…amongst other things. She keeps busy inside with the geckos, scorpions, moths, flies….you get the picture.

  8. Marinero says:

    I have seen Chica’s interest in the birds. What if she ever caught one?

  9. LottaTidbits says:

    Yes…kitty enjoys watching the birds too! Maybe even more so than we do!

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