Birding San Blas, MX


Chris and I talked about it and decided the best terminology for our birding trip to San Blas, Nayarit, MX was “tough fun”.  I’ll explain later when I do my story on the whole trip.  But first, we need to get all the 414 photos out of the 3500 más o menos we took,  named and uploaded to our website.  Whew!  We’ve both been working feverishly to share them with you.

Overall, it was a fantastic 7 days filled with LOTS of birds!  I mean, do you think we were happy?  I would come in really dragging my you know what as we were normally up by 5AM, sometimes 4AM and would get back to Casa Roxanna after 6 PM with maybe an hour or two break in between.  Most of you probably know that I am not in the best shape.  Of course, this didn’t bother Chris much…until he hit the pillow and he was OUT!

We didn’t watch TV and I got in the pool once for about a 1/2 hour while begging off birding for an afternoon.  I had to go shopping as we had not had a chance to get any food, drink or other supplies since we had gotten there 3 or 4 days before and started birding early the next morning.  Now you get the picture…right?


Mark Stackhouse

Our guide, the legendary Mark Stackhouse, never let us down.  If he didn’t enjoy the 7 day chase as much as we did, you would never have known it.  He is a tireless guide and birder and allowed us the opportunities to photograph and add 85 new species of birds to our collections.  Of course, many more were seen and heard.  More later on Mark and his lovely family.


Wait until you hear about the local padre!  More later!

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