Birding a Baja Lagoon.


Off to the lagoons in La Rivera yesterday.  Debbie and I packed some water, munchies, cameras and mom.  Mom, (Debbie’s mom, Edith) has become quite the birder.  She’s into the routine of always having water and binos in hand wherever we go.  Mom loves trying to out-spot us with the birds and she’s getting pretty good at the names.  Although in low light she might call a Grosbeak a Thrasher.  That’s okay.

The water in the lagoons is very low and seems to be getting too saline to support the fresh-water birds.  We did see a very nice Western Palm Warbler.  This bird was showing some beautiful yellow throat and vent patches.



This Brewer’s Sparrow just wouldn’t sit still long enough for Debbie to take a good “eye” shot but just check out that forked tail.




We saw tiny little Least Sandpipers foraging around the water’s edges.





There was an American Avocet chasing little critters all over the shallows.  This bird is in it’s winter plumage.




And then, another day, another lifer!  This bird that breeds in Northern Canada and Southern Alaska has a distinguishing feature.  Check out those legs.  This is a Greater Yellowlegs.

Greater Yellowlegs


Greater Yellowlegs are Sandpipers- 14 long”.  They are fairly common but this is the first time we’d had a chance to photograph one.  That was because this bird was busy trying to out-compete the Avocet for the prey they were chasing and didn’t notice us sneaking up for a shot.

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