Big Bend NP, Texas (Day 1)


Got to the big state of Texas and the big National Park, Big Bend.  This was supposed to be a day of rest and to just familiarize ourselves with the park, where we wanted to hunt for certain birds, where I could get a Big Bend NP visor, etc.  But…NOOOOooooo…we started birding as the JEEP pulled us off the 3rd gravel road we came to off the pavement.  I knew we were going to be a while when the sign reads:  Be sure to fill your gas tank, 4×4 only, you know…subtle little things like that.

Oly wanted to go so…away we went!  And, guess what…we got a new bird!

 I wanted to record some of the beauty we saw to share with you as well.  Couldn’t resist this blooming cactus.

 The Chisos Mountains.  You will hear more about these mountains later.

 There were quite a few of these Greater Roadrunner‘s running across the roads (ha ha, no pun intended) but couldn’t resist this pose, even though it was very bad light.

 Couldn’t resist this guy posing for me either.  Red-Tailed Hawk.

 And, here’s the new bird for us!  YAY!!  Lark Bunting.  There were several flocks.

 The geology was very interesting as well.

 And I end with another cactus in full bloom.  Amazing.

It was a great day of rest.  Never did get that visor!  Maybe tomorrow…  We are going for another newbie for our files!



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