Baja Sur bird racket.


A lot of time I don’t need to go far to get involved with birds.  Just the other day, around sun down, I hear a bunch of birds, Orioles, Finches, Cactus Wrens and others making a racket on the lot behind our casa.  It’s getting dark but I grab the camera anyway and go to investigate.  I’m facing West, where the sun in sinking and here comes this Great Horned Owl, it lands on a cardon.  I figured it’s mate must be on the ground with prey where all the noise is coming from.  Too dark to see.  So I take a few shots at the silhouette of this bird not too hopeful of what the results will be.  That’s the photo, top left.

The Owl takes off so I head for the barn.  I have the shot up on the computer and it’s way dark.  I shoot in “Raw” and this gives me the ability to work on a photo without making it look too “shopped”.  I add a little exposure and out comes some nice detail.  Nice for the lighting conditions for sure.  Check this out……

Great Horned Owls can vary in color from a reddish brown to a grey or black and white. The underside is a light grey with dark bars and a white band of feathers on the upper breast. They have large, staring yellow-orange eyes, bordered in most races by an orange-buff facial disc. The name is derived from tufts of feathers that appear to be “horns” which are sometimes referred to as “ear tufts” but have nothing to do with hearing at all. The large feet are feathered to the ends of the toes, and the immature birds resemble the adults.

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