Baja Birds are nesting.


Ahh…Spring.  Many birds have fled the impending heat and headed elsewhere.  Most seem to go north.  Some, I think, just go to higher elevations.  I’d like to hear your opinions.

And then there’s our local loco birds that stick it out here.  The House Finch above has decided this woven, abandoned Hooded Oriole nest is just right.  In the shade and hidden enough to help keep the Common Ravens from finding the nest, mom will lay maybe 4 or so eggs.  Check out these happy parents.  This scene looks familiar.

House Finches squabbling.

And then there’s the truly loyal, sharing couple.  The following photos are of Hooded Orioles sharing their parental duties.  Each takes turns feeding the chicks.  Always being careful to stealthily approach the nest to avoid the eyes of wary predators.

Here’s Mom

Female Hooded Oriole feeding chicks

  And here’s Dad

Male Hooded Oriole at the nest

  Many birds, like this Gila Woodpecker

Gila Woodpecker

 And the European Starling

European Starling

 Are hole nesters

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