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Baja birders visit Rancho Encinalito. – Chris Llewellyn's "Birds Eye Views"

Baja birders visit Rancho Encinalito.


After hearing about our experience with a grumpy (to say the least) rancher up San Antonio Road a few weeks ago, our new friends Scott and Kathleen, invited us up to their paradise, Rancho Encinalito, which is also near San Antonio Rd.  Scott and Kathleen live off-the-grid in a home they built with great attention to detail.   An extreme get-a-way with a pond, garden, orchard and lots of land.  They let us know that the person that was rude to us was NOT the norm for that area.  Enough said, now about the birds—

Have you ever seen one of these Hummingbirds before?  Of course you have.  This is a Costa’s Hummingbird.  How many are you seeing around your feeders this year?  Only a few, at best probably.  We saw a few on our way up to the ranch, none at their feeders, just like at our casa.  Well, we have one or two.  We used to have ten or twenty.  I hope their low numbers is just because there is lots of feed for them out in the countryside due to a few late rains.

Costa's Hummingbird
Costa’s Hummingbird

We saw a Zone-tailed Hawk perched like a guard watching over the entry gate.

Zone-tailed hawk
Zone-tailed hawk












And out on the flats, the low land near the entry to San Antonio, a cardon cactus supports a handsome Harris’s Hawk.  Not many of these boys around this year either.

Harris's Hawk
Harris’s Hawk

On our walk into the ranch, the brush was full of birds like this Black-headed Grosbeak.

Black-headed Grosbeak
Black-headed Grosbeak

And lots of Blue-gray Gnatcatchers.

Blue-gray Gnatcatcher
Blue-gray Gnatcatcher

Pacific-Slope Flycatchers were a common sight.

Pacific-slpoe Flycatcher
Pacific-slpoe Flycatcher

We even saw a Gilded Flicker.

Gilded Flicker
Gilded Flicker

Again, my darling Debbie and I would like to thank Scott and Kathleen for their honest-hospitality and we wish them good fortunes.  Happy Birding from Chris and Debbie!

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8 Replies to “Baja birders visit Rancho Encinalito.”

  1. Sometimes the weather/lighting cooperate and the subject (the birds) sits still long enough to help the photos turn out better. So little time and so many birds to take photos of! We are happy you are enjoying the posts.

  2. Yes, that was a great experience and privilege to be invited to the ranch, such wonderful people!

  3. Beautiful Birds————Great Photography———-that must have been a great experience going up to that ranch.

  4. Thank you Oly for your bird news, there are always very interesting, and defenetly the pictures are clearer and very well taken…

  5. I think we’re just getting better with age and we do have so up-graded equipment. Thanks for the comment.

  6. I have noticed a much smaller number of Costas at my feeder and flowering plants this winter here in LaPaz.

  7. These photos seem crisper and clearer than most. Maybe it’s just me or is it a new lens or something?

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