Baja birders are back!

We’re getting emails from all over the world asking “where are the blogs”.  Well, to put it simply Debbie and I were in a car that was struck from behind on a highway while in the states.  Injuries have kept me quiet for a while but all will be good.  We’ve been hanging close to the casa so I decided to shoot some birds and make a post.  Here goes…

This morning, not having to move more than 12 feet to find subjects, I photographed some locals starting with a noisy Verdin.  This is an adult bird, the juvies are mostly all brown in color.               


Baja Spring is already starting for the birds.  Days are getting longer and our birds are starting to  get nesty.  Birds are molting and coloring up fast.  Check out this House Finch.  I watch as Mr. and Mrs. Finch check out possible nest sites.  Sometimes I need to cover the house lamps so they won’t try to build a nest inside.  These Finches come in all sorts of different colors depending on their diets.

House Finch

All I have to do is turn around to see another bird.  Just below where I’m standing is our endemic (lives only here) Gray Thrasher.  These melodic singers are opportunistic feeders, eating fruit, berries, seeds, insects, whatever.  

Gray Thrasher

We have several Costa’s Hummingbirds that visit our feeders.  Following is a pic of a male that is molting.  

Costa’s Hummingbird

Soon, the molting bird will look more like this…

Costa’s Hummingbird

                                                                                       Looking over by the thistle feeder I see a little flock of Lesser Goldfinches.  There is a male on a high perch watching me from over his shoulder.  This guy is almost in full color.

Lesser Goldfinch

Maybe the wind will lay down in a day or two so I can do some desert quading or laguning. Have a great day from Chris and Debbie!

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  1. BillJane says:

    Wow, you have had a lot birds. Bill has been feeding ours lots of Doves, Cardinals & Quails. Enjoyed your post. Bill & Jane

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