Baja birders are back in town.


And here comes one of our friends to welcome us home.  This is one of the birds we see quite often around the casa.  The endemic Gray Thrasher.  We’re trying to get “Birds We See” books and things unloaded from the car and here’s this little guy running around scolding us.



Where have you two been?

Next, we go out back to the south patio.  Also there waiting for us with a “where ya been?” kind of look is Mr. Costa’s Hummingbird.

Even the normally suave Xantus’s Hummingbird is showing his displeasure at us for being away.

It won’t be long before all is well.  The feeders are coming out today and our fine-feathered friends will be back to being their joy-filled selves.

The Gray Thrasher will be up in his tree singing for us.

 The Costa’s Hummingbird will fly around looking pretty for us.

Mr. Xantus will stick his nose in the air for a while, but even he will get over it.

Sometimes it’s good to feel missed!

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