Backyard Bird counts in Baja


White-winged Dove

I joined other birders around the world in the WhatBird back yard bird count for the month of November.  Although I did not list the most birds (second place) I was voted to have the best photos.  Ahh the fame and notoriety.                                                                   I had to split the counting time between our home in Oregon and the back yard here in Baja because we moved.  35 different species in Or. and 48 different kinds of birds in Baja.  And that was in 2 weeks each!  Join me here. (I’m BigOly)

The count included every bird I could see in any direction, any distance from my back yard.  While the bird volume is way down according to the records we (Debbie actually, bless her heart ) keep, there is a variety if you take the time to look.  Many of our Sparrows species and Towhees aren’t around yet but there are lots of White-winged Doves.  So many in fact that they are pesty around the back yard feeders.

Speaking of pests, (Chica’s ears just perked up ((you may remember our cat, Chica-the-pest)), the European Starlings are here in great numbers.  They are an introduced species and I call them trouble.  Competition for the native birds.

European Starlings

Watch a Starling murmuration here.

House (English) Sparrow

 I have never seen the numbers of House (English) Sparrows we are experiencing this year.  Yes, another introduced pest-of-a-bird.

Crested Caracara

Among the 48 bird species I counted from the back yard were Crested Caracaras.  I still remember watching these 2 clowning around.





The National Bird of Mexico.  I can see why.  Hand some bird.


Costa’s Hummingbird

Well it starting to rain, of all things.  Like this Costa’s Hummingbird,  I’m outta here.


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