As we hit the surf my first thought is “this is a real dive”!


We were attracted by all the goin’s on at the Lord of the Wind Fair.  Great fun for sure.



Everybody is watching the kite-boarders and wind surfers and girls and girls and something else catches my attention.  Sometimes I’m a real stick-in-the-mud.  Dog- gone it any way.

So now I ‘m distracted by these Brown Pelicans diving  for baitfish right down in front of where they’re playing music. Fish love good music. First I see the pelicans flying.

Brown Pelican

And then I see them starting to dive.

Brown Pelican Diving

And then they decide on a target!

Closer yet;

And then the pelican is completely under water!

Brown Pelicans can hold up to three gallons of water and fishes in their pouches.  After they dive they squeeze the water out and swallow down  dinner.  Different from White Pelicans which do not dive, (instead they scoop their prey from the water surface), Brown Pelicans are almost never seen inland, accept the on Salton Sea.


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