An American Kestrel in action in Baja Sur.


It was getting a little late in the morning so Debbie and I did a little walking.  Did a little standing in the shade bird-watching and a little walking.  The weather is warming up so its a good time to be patient and let the birds come to us.


Debbie was perched nearby a Palo Verde waiting on a Ladder-backed Woodpecker.  We could hear it pecking on some dry branch inside this mess-of-a-tree but couldn’t quite see where the little bird was.  Like usual, I wandered off a bit.  I see this American Kestrel on a pole watching something on the ground.  This bird zooms off and POW!  Hits the ground so hard it almost falls over.  Should have checked the brakes.

American Kestrel

This Kestrel pounces on some unsuspecting prey.  What did it get?  Let’s take a look.  I see a little blue tail. hmmm?

American Kestrel

Well, can you tell whats’ happened here?

American Kestrel

This bird went to grab a little skink (this is that lizard you see in the garden with the blue tail).  The skinks life line is the ability to lose it’s tail when danger approaches.  Usually, like this time, the predator is so distracted by this wiggling, fluorescent-blue tail the lizard gave up, that the skink has time to escape.  So all this bird gets is a mouthful of lizard tail, YUCK!

American Kestrel

Its like he can’t believe what just happened.







American Kestrels are one of our most common falcons.  These are the little Sparrow Hawks we see perched on the side of the road on power lines or poles.  These little beauties (about 11”), feed on insects, reptiles and small mammals.  They also prey on small birds, mainly in the winter.  A bunch of them will get together and have a party at the end of summer calling loud and sharply to each other.  Killy..Killy..Killy



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