A magnificent bird-of-prey, The Osprey.

I know you’ve seen these beautiful, inspiring raptors either perched or soaring thru the skys of Baja Sur.  This is the Osprey.  As you can see, these birds are dark brown above, white below, with a white head that has a prominent dark eye-stripe.

Ospreys dive feet first to catch prey, mostly fish.  Once they spot a potential meal they often seem to freeze in mid-air above the unlucky snack.

And then the dive begins!   This is a sight to see.  The Osprey folds it’s wings and down it goes fast.  Big splash and up the bird comes.  When the Osprey is successful, which pretty often it is not, it will fly off the water, shake off and then straighten out the fish pointing it dead (sorry) ahead.

Ospreys populations were in steep declines due to the the use of certain pesticides like DDT in agriculture.  Fish absorbed the chemicals and passed them along to these and other raptors causing their egg shells to thin and collapse.   Osprey population are once again becoming strong.  You may see nest boxes on top of power poles near but away from some coastal towns in Baja.  This practice encourages Osprey to nest where they are not so likely to be harmed.








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