A little spring in the Baja Sur air.



The weather warmed up early this morning.  Debbie and I knew our morning bird-walk wouldn’t last too long because of this.  So, the idea today was to focus  more on quality and less on quantity.  We’d (there’s that word again) walk a bit, stop, look and listen.  A few people would walk, jog or bicycle by always smiling and saying “good morning”.

Debbie is just starting to turn red.  That’s what happens when she gets over-heated, so I figured it was about time to head for the barn.  But oh no, Debbie sees a Verdin hopping around in the bushes.  She’s on the bird so I toodle on and give her some space.  By now, Debbie is starting to get that “glow”.  Reminds me of when I turn the oven on to broil and watch the element begin to heat up.  I head back to where she’s standing.  “Right there, look, there’s a nest”.  Sitting next to the nest is a bird with a bill full of spider-webs or lint or something like that.

Now I’m getting a little concerned. Shade is just steps away but trooper Debbie is standing in the now hot sun in order to get the closest and best shot.  The situation is hopeless.  There is no way to tear her away from the scene no mater how much she’s burning up.  Following are a few of the photos Debbie was rewarded with this morning.




The Verdin building it’s nest.

A little bit-of-this and that.

What do you think?

Ahhh, works for me.


It won’t be long before mom and dad are catching little worms and insects for junior.  This is what the little youngster will look like.

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