A lifer for us!

Yesterday, while walking towards a lagoon near our home in Baja California Sur, there seemed to be birds everywhere.  In the bushes and trees we saw Verdins, Blue-gray Gnatcatchers, a Yellow Warbler and more.  Then we spotted something new to us (a lifer; a lifer is, basically, a bird you may have never seen before in it’s natural environment).  It was about the size of an Orange-crowned Warbler(1st photo), a bird which is familiar to us.  But this was different.  It had a light-green appearance with a slightly blueish-gray head and complete white  eye-ring.  We managed to take a few photos of this bird flittering around not cooperating at all for our cameras.

I’m thinking Hutton’s Vireo.  After reviewing the photos back at home I realized this bird is actually a Cassin’s Vireo, named after the great naturalist, John Cassin.  I found the following Obituary;

JOHN CASSIN, a distinguished naturalist, died in Philadelphia on Sunday morning last, the 10th. Inst. Mr. CASSIN was born near Philadelphia, Sept. 6, 1813. In 1834 he became a resident of that city, and was, for a few years, engaged in mercantile pursuits. From early youth, however, his favorite study was ornithology, and in his later years occupied his whole attention.

The Cassin’s Vireo

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