A feast for Baja Birders eyes.


Zone-tailed hawk

Zone-tailed hawk

Didn’t need to go far from home to witness some fantastic action this morning.  I spotted this Zone-tailed Hawk perched on top of a Cardon cactus.  When these birds are hunting from the air they like to blend in with the Turkey Vultures.  This is an evolutionary tactic fine tuned over the years.  If you were a lizard and not paying a lot of attention to safety, at a glance, Zoned tailed Hawks look similar to a Turkey Vulture when flying along with some buzzards.  Everyone knows that Turkey Vultures don’t hunt lizards but watch out!  This sneaky hawk will cruse along with their buddies and swoop down for the kill.  When I spied this hawk I could tell he was carefully watching something on the ground.

I peal off for my camera inside the casa and by the time I was outside and ready for action here comes the bird with a juvie Spiny-tailed Iguana in his talons.  Over my head he goes headed behind the house so I ran around to see if he was going to perch nearby.  And there he was, about 50 feet away.zone3

What a site!  The bird had made a perfect score. If you’re not the lizard, that is.  I watched and shot away.  It was a little cloudy.  The photos could be better, but what the heck.


I watched his expression change from intense lizard studying to satisfaction of the capture to yum-yum then tozone5

a nice big Burp!    Don’t forget, Christmas will be here before you know it and our book “Birds We See” in Baja California Sur, Mexico makes a great gift.  This book is available from our web site, just click on books or AmazonBooks or if you are in Los Barriles Email me, I have a few copies at my casa.


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  1. LottaTidbits says:

    Great shots Oly!!!! I was so busy I didn’t even know your were sneaking around with your camera!!!

  2. mom says:

    WHAT A SIGHT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! How exillerating that must have been for you. Congratulations and I hope you send that in to something and win first prize———

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