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November 2017 – Chris Llewellyn's "Birds Eye Views"

Month: November 2017

A new chapter for this Baja birder.

ChrisnDebbie in Costa Rica

As most of you know by now, my darling wife Debbie, and I lost her 12 year struggle with cancer in September.  Diagnosed with Ovarian cancer with a prognosis of living six months, we decided right away to stop working 24/7 and travel the world, cameras in hand.  While on safaris in Botswana we noticed while other couples watched the lions and elephants from one side of the Land Rover, we were captured by the beauty of the birds.  Thats when I came up with the idea of writing a book named “Birds WE See” and donate the profits to cancer research.  

Debbie in bird heaven.

I thought after 12 years of surgeries, chemo and living life around hospitals, even being Life-Flighted back to the states from other countries a few times, that I might be able to cope with my loss.  My family, friends and the birds remind me that Debbie, also known as “Lotta Tidbits”, is no longer in pain but my heart is still broken.  She was a strong and brave woman.

Debbie pointing at sleeping lions in Sandibe

Trying to get my life back, I took a boat ride from Los Barriles to a “fishing spot”.  While the captain was focused on catching fish, which we did, I spotted a “different” bird (new to me I thought).  From the rocking boat I took my first photo since Debbie’s passing.  Turns out the speedy, diving, single species is a Nazca Booby.  Although I had photographed them in The Galapogas Islands  it is a rarity for these parts.   I reported the bird, photo included, to eBird and it was confirmed and given the “rare bird” designation it deserved.

Nazca Booby












That’s all for now.  This is the most difficult post I’ve ever tried to make.  By-the-way, I only have incoming email for now and can’t send.  I’d like to hear from you but I can’t reply.  Chris@birdswesee.com.  Have a great day and happy birding.  Please “like” this site so others will know what’s going on.  or chrisllewellyn0211@Gmail.com