Monthly Archives: February 2015

Just a quick reminder—

Always keep your eyes and EARS ready for action!  After having the opportunity to discover and photograph the first-ever Yellow-throated Warbler reported in Baja Sur I am so looking forward to “what’s next”.  People are always asking me “how did … Continue reading


Today, this Baja Birder saddles up Big Red

and heads up the San Bartolo arroyo, solo.  My sweetheart, Debbie, has things to do here at the casa this morning so I go. Our place is near the beach and as I leave the driveway this Royal (maybe Caspian) Tern flies … Continue reading


Baja Birders are on the move today.

We have a few birds to show to you from our La Ribera lagoon trip and then my darling Debbie and I are moving on to dry land.  Here’s a Little Blue Heron.  This young heron looks like a Snowy Egret … Continue reading

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