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January 2014 – Chris Llewellyn's "Birds Eye Views"

Month: January 2014

A bear for Baja Birders!




Here we are, the sweethearts of Baja birders, heading down the road to El Coro  when ole’ eagle-eyes Chris says ” look Debbie, a bear!”  As we pass by the dump I see, maybe 1/4 mile further ahead, the unmistakable, lumbering brown shape  of a bear.  Now, I’ve seen my share of bears through the years but I never thought I’d see one in Baja.

We speed up a little, cameras at full salute and there, off to our right is the big brown, furry figure.


We do our best to follow the animal to try for a better shot.  The brush is thick.


The second photo is a little better but we see he’s coming out into the open.  Oh my!!!

IMG_5945It isn’t a bear, it’s a pig.  I was so sure.   Oh well, it’s the first oinker we’ve  seen in Baja.

So on we go.  We’re birding the road to the little village of El Coro.  The habitat changes a little going up the mountain, but not alot.  Off the road a ways Debbie sees a Northern Cardinal feeding on the berries of an Elephant Tree.


We stop the car from time to time and listen.  We hear a Northern Mocking Bird singing—


The scenery is beautiful.


Off to our left we see a sign.  Says something about a water project, I think.


This could be the head of the department.  Hard to tell but we see a water line.


Back to birding.  Debbie and I see some activity ahead where the road takes a sharp left.  There is no traffic at all but I pull off to the side anyway.  We pissh a little.  Here comes a little Pacific-slope Flycatcher to investigate what all the racket is about.


We pissh a little more, we don’t like to pissh in one place too long, it may bother the bird’s normal routines.  Lesser Gold Finch.imm.2 Up pops a Lesser Gold Finch.


On we go.  We find an oasis.  This place is really nice.


Even comes with an escort.


Let’s explore.  WoW!  Take a look at this.  A Wild Fig Tree that has grown around a big boulder.  They look so snuggled up together.


Debbie spots this Caracara about to take off.  This trip today was kind of a bust for Birding.  We had a great time enjoying the countryside of El Coro.  Like this Caracara, I think I take off too.